How to Fertilize Snake Plant: Simple way to do it

If you have a snake plant, then you know it does not need to fertilize as often as other plants. Most people do not even know how to fertilize their snake plant! If this is the case for you too, here are some tips on how to do so without spending too much time or money!

Should you fertilize snake plants?

Snake plants do not need a lot of fertilizer, but in an indoor situation, fertilize them cause they won’t get it by themselves. Snake plants are slow at growing, so they need low fertilizer doses.

Fertilizer is good for them, but it needs to be done in moderation. If you fertilize too much, the tips of their leaves may turn brown and crispy because there are too many nutrients in the soil.

You should only fertilize when they are producing fresh growth so that way they’ll grow faster and more healthy. A good way to fertilize snake plants is to use a diluted liquid fertilizer that you can find at any garden center. You don’t need to fertilize them every month, just once or twice a year should be enough. Just make sure you’re using the right fertilizer for snake plants!

How often should you fertilize a snake plant?

Best fertilizing options for snake plant 2 to 3 times a year In bright light situations where growth is fast. 1 or 2 times a year in a low-light condition where growth is slower.

You should fertilize your snake according to where your plant is placed and how much light it is getting. If your plant has a bright light, it is likely to grow faster and you’ll want to fertilize it more often. If your plant is in a lower light area and not growing as fast, then you should only fertilize once or twice a year.

It is important to maintain fertilizing snake plants at the right intervals to make sure they are healthy and growing at the right speed.

which fertilizer is best for snake plants?

An N-P-K of 10-15-10 fertilizer is the best option for snake plants to make sure the plant has primary, secondary, and micronutrients to grow and produce fresh growth.

All you need is a fertilizer with an NPK of around 10-15-10 to make sure they get all the nutrients that they will use during their growing season (usually spring). It’s hard to give specific amounts because it depends on how much light your plant gets throughout the year, but as long as you stick to an NPK of around this, you’ll be good.

The best fertilizer option for snake plants is an NPK of (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) at a ratio of (N-P-K) of ten to fifteen, ten parts nitrogen, fifteen parts phosphorus, and ten parts potassium. This kind of fertilizer will make sure your plant has all the nutrients it needs to be healthy!

Here we will explain what N-P-K will do for your plants.


Nitrogen is a major macronutrient that helps plants with photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. It will help your snake plant to absorb energy from the sun and turn it into food for your plant to grow.

Also, this essential macronutrient will make sure your snake plants have the best green color and help them to resist disease.


Phosphorus is another major macronutrient. It is helpful for root rot. Phosphorus helps to increase root strength so that they can absorb water more effectively. It will also help your leaves grow stronger too!

It helps with the tissue production of leaves and roots, which will make your snake plant grow faster.


Potassium is also another major macronutrient. It handles a plant’s overall structure and growth. A lack of potassium can cause leaves to yellow, brown, and curl up. For fertilizing snake plants, you will want to add a potash fertilizer that contains potassium.

It also helps with the breathing prores of your snake plant.

How to apply fertilizer on snake plant

You may think that it’s hard to apply liquid fertilizer on snake plants, but actually, it is very easy to use. Here are a few simple steps on how to fertilize a snake plant.

Get some water

First, you will need some water. Fill a watering can or bucket with water and pour it into a larger container that is easy to carry around your garden.

You need to get water according to your plant pot size.

Get the right fertilizer

After that, you need to get your fertilizer. You can purchase this at a nursery or an online store where they sell gardening supplies. Make sure they labeled it for use with indoor plants!

Make sure it has N-P-K as mentioned above.

Mix the fertilizer and water in a container

Now, you need to mix your liquid fertilizer with some water from your other bucket or can. Then pour that mixture into a larger bowl, which will be easier for you to use on your plants later! You can also just use the garden hose to water your plants.

Mix the fertilizer as the label of the product recommends.

Different fertilizers will have different instructions on how to mix them with water. So, always follow the directions on the label of your fertilizer!

With our used fertilizer, we use 7 drops fertilizer/1qt (0.95 Ltr) of water

Next, make sure that fertilizer is properly combined with water. There’s nothing at the bottom or in the water.

Put your plant pot on a sink

If your plant pot has a drainage hole at the bottom, you can just put it on the sink and pour the fertilizer water into your pot. So that the overwater can go away and don’t pour on any furniture or floor.

Pour fertilizer water slowly

Keep drizzling water. Do not pour all the water at once. This will help the plant to absorb the liquid fertilizer better.

Wait for a few minutes and then pour more. After you have poured all the water, wait for a few minutes so that the plant can soak up as much of the liquid fertilizer as possible. Then pour some more if necessary.

In this simple way of fertilizing snake plants, you will make sure your plants get the right nutrients they need to grow big and strong! Liquid fertilizers are easy to use and very effective. Just follow those few simple steps and your plants will be happy and healthy in no time!