How to Grow Money Plants Without Sunlight: Indoor Plant Tips

You love plants but live in a place where the sun isn’t all that strong? It doesn’t matter if you live in Alaska or New York; we have some tips for growing money plants without sunlight.

There are many ways to grow indoor plants. Not only do they make your home look beautiful, but they can also help with air quality and give off oxygen! This blog post will focus on how to grow a money plant indoors and show you how it’s done.

Money Plants Without Sunlight

Can money plants grow without sunlight?

Money plants can grow without sunlight absorbing indirect sunlight or artificial lights available. The photosynthetic process in money plants can occur with the help of indirect sunlight or artificial light available at home. That’s how money plants can grow without relying on direct sunshine.

Can money plants grow in artificial light?

Money plants can also absorb the energy of artificial light and by this energy, money plants need very few photons to photosynthetic process take place to compare to an open window or similar situation where it is available direct sunlight. that’s how money plants can create enough energy for themselves to grow.

Most of the indoor plants required very little light to survive. However, the money plant is an exception to this rule it can thrive very well with artificial light as well as indirect sunlight. It can grow in a windowless room with only the energy from artificial lights available that’s how money plants can grow without sunlight or direct natural light source.

Which kind of Light is Best for money Plant Growth?

Money plants absorb light in the blue and red spectrum, but it is not necessary to provide a Special color of lights. You can use any standard LED or fluorescent grow lamp for money plants. These two types of lamps will work great for your money plant indoors! That’s how you can create an ideal environment for your money plant to grow.

If your room has no sunlight source, then fluorescent lights are the best option. Fluorescent lamps create more light for less wattage than incandescent bulbs, so they are a better choice if you have limited space and lower electricity costs.

It is important to keep money plants close to the source of artificial light. Make sure you are putting your plants as close as possible under the light.

Essential care guide for thriving money plants without sunlight

When it comes to growing plants without sunlight indoors, the key to success is a little more cautious. While your money plant will be receiving less light than it would outdoors, you have to take care of your money plants a bit more.

With some easy take care guide, your money plants will thrive indoors. These are the things not to ignore.

Choosing the right pot

A clay pot is the best choice for your money plants because it helps with the watering and keeps the soil from waterlogged.

It also aids in the roots aeration process with breath in and breath out. Clay pots keep roots dry and prevent root rot.

If you do not have Clay pots, create some drainage system for your money plants so that they can get rid of excess moisture. You can put some pebble at the bottom of the pot and make some small holes to allow the excess water to drain out.

Give some space

As you can’t provide the money plant to endure direct sunlight, you may at least allow some breathing room for it.

You may keep your money plants in areas like living rooms or bedrooms, as well as places near to a window or anywhere you feel there is enough space for it to grow. Place your money plants smartly.

Regular light source

Although money plants need little sunlight to grow, they must get enough. To grow money plants with the least amount of sunlight possible, you will need to find a location indoors where they can get indirect light for most of the day. This can be achieved by placing them next to a window that gets some reflected light from the sun but makes sure it’s consistent and close to the light source.

An awesome location is near some aquariums or any place where there are artificial lights used, like around TVs or computers that use LED screens for example. Money plants can also be placed under some fluorescent light bulbs that are found in most homes.

Keep the pot moist

The ideal time to water your money plants is when the top of the soil has dried out before watering it again. When you feel the weight of the container and notice that it is considerably lighter than previously, it is time for an extra measure of water.

If you are keeping your plant indoors, you may only need to water it on rare occasions. A good indicator is when the lower leaves of your money plant wilt because they are a sign that it needs some more hydration.

Make sure it drains

One of the main reasons for money plant death is overwatering. This means that your potting mix should drain well so there’s no standing water in the pot’s bottom, otherwise it will cause roots to rot.

To make sure you’re watering properly, put your money plant in an empty container and check if the water runs through it within an hour. If it does, you’re fine to give it a small drink of water because the soil is absorbing most of the moisture. If it doesn’t, then wait a few more hours and check again.

Be careful with fertilizers

Because money plants need little sunlight, they do not need extra food either. Using too much fertilizer will cause the leaves to turn yellow and lose their beautiful color, so I suggest it avoids using any fertilizers at all for money plants grown indoors. If you have houseplant food, you can use it once or twice during the winter to keep your plant alive.

Take out your plants once or a while

It is important to take your plants outside and clean them, especially if they are growing in a humid environment. Dust and dirt can block small pores or holes of the leaf which can hurt photosynthesis. One or twice a month is enough to keep your money plant looking great by cleaning all the dust off its leaves.

After cleaning your money plant, dry it out and bring it back inside. Just make sure the soil is completely dry after cleaning it before you bring it back inside. This will extend the life of your money plant and add to its overall health.

Keep it with different species

Although money plants will survive with other houseplants, it’s best to keep them with something that has a similar light and water requirement. This way you can easily tell when to water your plant, and also avoid over-watering which is one of the main reasons for dead money plants.

Bonus Tips

  • Use a spray bottle to water your money plant instead of pouring water on it, which is easier and less likely to overwater or wash away soil nutrients.
  • Dust your money plant’s leaves every week with a soft-bristled brush for easy cleaning.
  • Cut off dead or dying leaves when they look crispy and yellow.
  • If you want to fertilize your money plant, use organic fertilizer or houseplant food instead of chemical ones.
  • If you keep multiple plants together, make sure each one has the same light and water requirements as the others.

There you have it – money plants are a great addition to your home decor and they’re not as high maintenance as you think! They’re easy to grow indoors, so long as you avoid overwatering them, keep them in a humid environment with indirect sunlight exposure. If you do all this, the chances of your money plant thriving will be high.

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Good luck!